2000 Sydney Olympics Official Volunteers Rain Jacket


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This is an official rain jacket that was provided to the volunteer gang of the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

It was designed by Wendy Paulucci and made by Bonds, Fiji / Australia/ Malaysia, 2000. (this information & one featured photo is sourced from maas museum collection: https://www.maas.museum/inside-the-collection/2012/07/30/remembering-the-sydney-2000-olympic-games-volunteers-uniform/ )

Limited in supply, this jacket was once worn proudly & admired. It is a size large, is unisex & in good condition.

A couple of flaws in the logos fading away in some areas, & one shoulder tie needs re-attaching. The price offered is reflective of these flaws.

In mint condition these jackets are worth double the price.