Cotton “New Look” 1950’s Dress by John J Hilton

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John J Hilton, an iconic label for Australian vintage fashion collectors. The John J Hilton label epitomises quality dresses of a by-gone era.

“John J Hilton was one of the first to export Australian fashion to Japan, as well as to Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada and United States. A pioneer in the use of wool in women’s dresses, John J Hilton was the recipient of fashion awards, including the Australian Wool Award. The resulting goodwill attached to the John J Hilton brand name meant that garments were still available for purchase well into the 1990s.” Source:,and%20representatives%20in%20Paris%2C%20New%20York%20and%20London.

This cotton “new look” dress is exquisite quality. It includes a “paper petticoat” to give fullness to the skirt, which is still in amazing condition considering its age.

The dress is super petite. The bust measures a mere 30″ & the waist 26″. The only flaws are a couple of very small & faint what look like rust spots on the bodice. (See pics.) Apart from that it is in immaculate condition.

As per measurements this dress will only fit a size 6.