Sandy Shaw Psychedelic Striped Long-line Skirt


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A fabulous funky skirt, by a fabulous funky 1960’s singing icon, Sandy Shaw? Well maybe, it’s all a little confusing. Sandie (not Sandy) Shaw produced a fashion line in the 1960’s in England, much like that other icon of the era, Twiggy. So Sandy Shaw, Australia? Maybe affiliated, maybe not. Sandie Shaw labels in England are SANDIE – Australia, SANDY. Google the girl…you get both spelling. So who knows! But what I do know is the skirt is pretty damn cool. Labelled a vintage 12, it actually best suits a modern Australian size 8. It is high-waisted, very long….so will fit better on “long-tall-sally” types. It has buttons to the front, & is free split from the knee downwards. The condition & super bright colours are excellent.